Call for Judges

We are seeking volunteers to serve as judges for the oral rounds at the 2022 Jessup Canadian Qualifying Tournament. This is a great opportunity to interact with current law students and colleagues from across Canada.

In many jurisdictions, serving as a moot court judge counts towards Continuing Legal Education / Continued Professional Development credit.


Judges will receive background materials including:

  • The legal problem
  • A comprehensive Bench Memo that details the problem and provides a general overview of the public international law principles teams are expected to address
  • Copies of the teams’ written arguments are also available for judges to review prior to adjudication of the round.
  • Webinar style training on the Zoom platform and how to “judge” remotely (recordings will be made available if you’re unable to attend)


  • Oral round judges will sit in panels of three and score the performance of competing schools
  • Judges have the opportunity and are encouraged to provide feedback to students following the round.
  • Organizers attempt to balance the panel based on the judges’ practice area and experience in international law; familiarity in public international law is an asset but not a requirement to judge.
  • Rounds typically last 2.5 hours, and depending on one’s familiarity with the legal issues, can require the same amount of time for preparation.

To serve as an Oral Round Judge:


DeadlineDecember 17, 2021

Dana Hagg
Associate National Administrator- Judging